Meant to Be/ Summer Outfit#1

Have you ever had one of those days when no matter what happens, everything was meant to be?? Let me explain… Earlier that day we had planned to go to this beautiful place and spend some time enjoying the outdoors, but with rain coming up it seemed impossible. After a few other things, we decided to give it a go and just show up even with rain and just look at it from the car. It turned out to be the most beautiful day, not only because it was sunny and nice but because we had some deep thoughts and moments that I would never forget. It is kind of nice that I brought my camera and documented this day! As a plus, I thought a what I wore post would be a good idea!

And by the way, this is one my fave outfits this summer! Love the flats, although they gave me painful blisters! 🙁 And of course I got a lecture from the hubs about how women’s shoes are uncomfortable and pointless, lol!!!!

Blouse: Zara/ Jeans: Topshop/ Shoes: Target

P.S. Did you notice I got a haircut??? What do you think?? xx